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Functional Medicine

Older couple sitting on park benchFunctional Medicine is really just a way of restoring better function to the body, mind and emotions. It is a scientific approach using lab testing to see how well the body is functioning through some of the major body systems. We will look at the Neuroendocrine system, which is examining the functioning of the HPA Axis (how your mind responds to stress), adrenal health, energy and hormones. We look at Gut health, which includes pathogens, infections, leaky gut and the microbiome.

Detox pathways are also looked at to evaluate issues with methylation, environmental toxins and chemical sensitivities, and cellular health, and inflammation. Some of my specialties include adrenal health, fatigue, menopause and hormonal issues, migraines, digestive health, anxiety,
depression, and insomnia.

Functional Medicine | Hilton Head SC
*Image courtesy of Kalish Institute

I completed a year long mentorship with Dr. Dan Kalish of the Kalish Institute. The Kalish Institute is one of the premier Functional Medicine educational programs. I also have studied with Dr Kharrazian and Functional Medicine University. 

Please call for a free 10 minute consult to book an appointment. 

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