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Vision problems and pain relief

This is a testimonial from my husband Geoff:- Nearly 3 years ago I unfortunately needed surgery which ended up being a nine hour extensive procedure where I had 6 bypasses and one was a double. During the surgery I had a massive hemorrhagic stroke on the right side of my brain which effected the left side of my body and I lost my left peripheral vision. After 2 years of continuous eye therapy whereby I gained a small percentage of my sight but had got to a plateau where nothing was happening. My wife who is my driving force to recovery felt something more could be done, and looked to alternatives. She was recommended to contact Beth Schoon at Hilton Head Island Acupuncture as Beth specialized in eye problems. Beth listened to my problems and came up with a protocol, I booked 12 sessions, and was amazed that after only 2 treatments I had gained more of my sight, which was very exciting. I also had continuous pins and needles and numbness on my left side, which was also greatly reduced during the treatments, and the hip/back pain I had due to the numbness in my left leg and foot also reduced greatly. With continuous positive results, now after the 12 sessions I am very pleased to say my after stroke tunnel vision has been greatly widened, and my pain levels impressively reduced. I would highly recommend anyone with vision problems or pain to go to Beth Schoon at HHIA, be assessed by her and follow her recommendations and treatments.

-Janet F.

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